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Webcam software for Time-lapse, Motion-detection (surveillance), Astronomy, Meteor trail capture and Animation.

If you have a "Key Request Code":

A "key request code" is provided by third-parties such as Orion Telescopes & Binoculars. If you wish to purchase a key directly from us, please visit http://www.AZcendant.com.

HandyAvi is protected by a "Registration Key." A Key Request Code allows you to type in a relatively small, and easy-to-type "Key Request Code" so that we can then deliver the actual HandyAvi Registration Key to you. You should then cut and paste the long HandyAvi "Registration Key" into HandyAvi's Help/"Install Registration Key" panel.


Email to: Support@AZcendant.com

Our main HandyAvi and IP Camera filter site is http://www.azcendant.com.

This HandyAvi.com site was established primarily to handle "Key Request Codes" provided to users by third-party companies.

Contact Information

(480) 897-7425
(480) 897-8464
Postal address
1825 W. Emelita Ave #435
Mesa, AZ 85202
Electronic mail
Customer Support: Support@AZcendant.com
Webmaster: Support@AZcendant.com
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Please note:  Our support staff occasionally travels to areas with no phone service and only occasional Email service.  We answer ALL Email.  Please be patient.  We will check Email as often as possible and respond as soon as possible.